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There are many ways to sell your images online. One of the simplest routes is to sell through a third-party marketplace. These platforms give you more than just a storefront; they also give you access to a huge pool of potential customers. There are many platforms out there that allow you to sell a whole range of products, including prints, photo products (such as mugs, cards and calendars), image downloads and licenses.

Below is an overview of 12 of the best marketplaces for photographers.


Etsy is a marketplace where 30 million people buy and sell unique handmade goods. For photographers this could mean selling prints or other products featuring your photos. When you sell an item on Etsy, you then have to make it and ship it yourself.

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As I’m sure you know, you can sell almost anything on eBay, including your photography! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating new photo products to sell. As with Etsy, you have to fulfil orders yourself.


Imagekind helps you sell fine art and canvas prints. Printing and shipping is done for you so all you have to do is upload your artwork and set your prices.


Redbubble is similar to Imagekind. It allows you to sell a wide range of wall art including metal prints, posters, framed prints and canvases.


Blurb allows you to self-publish and sell your own photo books. Books are printed on-demand and shipped by Blurb directly to your customers. You can list your book in the Blurb bookstore.


Lulu is a platform that allows you to create books and sell them on top sales channels such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook and iBooks.


CafePress is an easy to use platform for creating and selling a huge range of different photo products, from clothing and stationary, to phone covers and mugs. You set your mark-up and CafePress handles the manufacture and fulfilment process.


Zazzle is a similar platform to CafePress. It offers a wide range of quality products that you can customise with your photos.


500px allows you to license images for commercial and personal use. Photographers get a 70% split of the license fee. The ranking algorithm means that popular photos can gain a great deal of exposure.


Dreamstime is a stock photography website that gives photographers a generous 60% share of sales. You can sign-up and start uploading images immediately.


Alamy is a large stock photography library that pays out 50% royalties.


With around 1 million customers, Shutterstock is huge stock photo library. You receive between 20% and 30% of the sales price.

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