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This post is part two of my “Create the Ultimate Photographer’s Website” series. Part 1 is here.

Once you have a website for your photography, you should consider adding a blog. Blogs are easy to update and great for telling your audience about your latest news and photography projects. My blog is by far the most popular section of my website.

I recommend using WordPress to power your blog. In my opinion, it offers the most comprehensive set of features of any blogging platform. In addition, a huge community of developers has grown up around the software, which allows you to take advantage of a variety of useful third-party plugins and themes. I use WordPress to power most of my websites including RAW Exposure, Earth Shots and my blog.

WordPress is open source and free. However, it is just software, so you also need a server and bandwidth (provided by a hosting service). Fortunately, this is very cheap and easy to set-up.

There are many different hosting options. The one I recommend (and use for this website) is Bluehost – they are good value and make the process of setting up a WordPress blog very easy. You can use this link to get a special offer on WordPress hosting.

In the video below I show you how to set-up a WordPress blog with Bluehost in 10 minutes. I also show you how you can add the blog to your existing website. The website I created in the previous tutorials was, and in the video, I set-up a new blog at

Add a WordPress blog to your website in 10 minutes:

Ready to build your blog? You can take advantage of the Bluehost special offer here.

Once you have set-up your blog, you will want to install a theme that shows-off your photos. We have compiled a listing of fifteen free WordPress themes for photographers. Click here to download it for free.

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